Introductions All Around

Ladies and Gentlemen, introductions all around!

My name is Kevin Steil and I wanted to start this blog, Airship Ambassador, as a way to discuss and tie together the disparate elements of the steampunk world and community, as well as sharing with those readers who are just becoming familiar with the “Future That Never Was”.

Steampunk, admittedly, means something a little different to everyone, and everyone participates in a way which is comfortable and meaningful for them. There’s the literary aspect, in addition to fashion, makers, gamers, and other forms of media.

Some people find they now have a name for interests they’ve had for years. Some are exposed to new ideas from their friends, mainstream media like the Wall Street Journal, movies like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Sherlock Homes, and videos on Youtube.

However someone comes to the Steampunk community, there is welcome room for everyone. There are local groups like the Seattle Steamrats and the Sacramento Steampunk Society. there are conventions around the globe in Seattle, San Francisco, Deerborn, Madison, and Lincoln England. There are places for people who make things(1, 2, 3), online and off, discussion forums, book and movie reviews.

In short, there’s something for everyone with an interest, and I hope to share those interests, resources and ideas with you.

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