Announcements at Airship Ambassador

Hi everyone, just a few quick announcements before the next regular Sunday posting.

I’ve launched a new website to complement this blog:

There is an event page listing conventions, local groups and single day events, and a resources page listing websites, blogs, and forums.

There’s also a growing reading list as well as ones for movies and music groups.

The home page lists recent steampunk related news items.

If  you would like your group to be listed or suggest a link as a steampunk resource, please email

VCON35 is a general science fiction convention and this year it has a steampunk theme. I will be attending this year as part of the group representing Steamcon. If you are there, too, please say Hi and I’ll have an Airship Ambassador badge ribbon for you.

There are a number of conventions coming up for the rest of the year,  and while I wish that I could attend them all, real life limitations intervene and I’ll only be able to make it to Steamcon. It’s going to be another fantastic gala event that’s so big it is spread across two neighboring hotels.

Thanks for reading and your continued support and feedback!

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