An Open Letter To Steampunk Fandom

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An Open Letter To Steampunk Fandom-

By the Alliance Group of Conventions


Over the last five years the Steampunk Community has grown by leaps and bounds through social media, publishing, film, art, conventions, and many more diverse avenues. Even as Steampunk’s success draws it into the mainstream popularity, what remains vibrant and unique about the community is that it is an open source fandom; no one entity owns Steampunk; we all do.


This shared ownership naturally brings with it a varied spectrum of ideas, definitions, practices, influence, and responsibility. Everyone has a say in what Steampunk can be, but inevitably there are some who through their work and prominence in the Community bear more influence on the Steampunk movement, and with this comes a greater responsibility and commitment. Frequently these esteemed Steampunks will be featured guests at events and conventions, sharing their experiences and knowledge with the wider Steampunk Community; it is a wonderful thing to see individuals and groups who genuinely care about the movement using their talents and skills to build up others and promote Steampunk culture.


It is, however, unfortunate that there are some prominent Steampunks who have and will use their influence and positions of power in negative fashions to promote their own agenda at the expense of others. Abuse of power to censor others or threaten them creates a toxic environment that works counter-intuitively to all that makes the Steampunk Community great. Recently there has been an increase in these negative behaviors that have prompted many Steampunk and Alternative History Convention organizers to confer and agree to take a form of action on the topic.


The undersigned Conventions have reached consensus that individuals or groups who display destructive behaviors and negative actions towards the works, careers, and reputations of others in the Steampunk Community will not be invited to participate as guests, speakers, panelists, or hosts of any talks or lectures at their events. The undersigned Convention organizers are unified in disassociating themselves from anyone whom they consider harmful to the spirit and culture of this fandom.


Civility, honor, and integrity are some of the highest held values in the Steampunk Community and the organizers of the undersigned Conventions encourage the continued practice of these values, especially in those who bear positions of responsibility. The goal of the undersigned Conventions is to maintain a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for fans of Steampunk and Alternate History; let’s enjoy this wonderful thing that we share.


Others of the undersigned will make their own individual announcements on this subject.




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Updates to follow.


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