Steampunk Hands Around the World – Official Link List

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_RodríguezImage courtesy of Araceli Rodriguez

Welcome to Steampunk Hands Around the World  and to the official link list for this global month long event celebrating the global steampunk community!

Between February 2nd and 28th, nearly one hundred steampunk creators will share their perspective, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the global steampunk community.

Your hosts come from:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay, and USA.

Follow on Twitter using the hashtag #SteampunkHands

Facebook Event page

Google + Event page

We recommend using a translation service, such as Google or Bing (and several others), to access those pages not in your native language.

The Firefox browser has a built-in, right click menu option to translate selected text of a page using Google Translate.

Begin your travels here:

Airship Ambassador, Press Release

Airship Ambassador, Welcome!

Khaalidah, Steampunk Hands Around the World

El Investigador, Issue No. 35

Steampunk Italia, Pronti, Partenza, Via!

Andreas Dresen, Mr Hublot – Ein Steampunk-Kurzfilm

Steampunk India, Happy Launch Day

MundoSteampunk.Net, Interview with Kevin Steil

Ruffles and Steam, about my Steampunk year 2013

The Navigatrix, Interview with Izabela of Prior Attire

Traveler’s Steampunk Blog, Launch

El Leprechaun, K.W. Jeter, me and the multicultural steampunk

The Steampunk Soiree, Why is February 2014 International Steampunk Month?

Lord Bobbins, The Bobbins Initiative

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Grab our hands


Beyond Victoriana, Good Gears and Good Works

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk – Ætherhertz und Ætherresonanz

Mercenarios de Dios, Uniendo manos en el Steampunk

Anja Bagus, Steampunk Hands Around the World (English)

Anja Bagus, Steampunk Hands Around the World (German)

The Navigatrix, Tales of The Navigatrix – Part 1

Facebook Group, Engranajes, vapor y lámparas de gas


The Steam Engine, El tiempo en sus manos (The time machine , 1960)

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Anja Bagus im Interview

Vaporiste, Exhibit II: Dada and Surrealism

Sounds of Steam, Growing the Fandom, February 3rd, 2014

Steamzine.CZ, Čeští steampunkoví autoři: Lukáš Z. Herma

MundoSteampunk.Net, Steampunk Hands Around The World III. Marcus R. Gilman

NeoNauta Ediciones, “Reward” (Weird Western) by Paulo César Ramírez


Andreas Dresen, Steampunkvideos – Das Amt für Ætherangelegenheiten

Michael Coorlim, Lesser Known 19th Century Personages

ABC Brisbane, What is Steampunk? with Lynne Lumsden Green

Brown Girl, Steampunk: A Day in the Life


PhantaNews, What — the heck — IS this Steampunk anyway?

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors: George P. Schnyder

Decimononic, Some reflections by the Decimononic’s crew

Lies Of The Machine – „Kikérjük magunknak, mi nem vagyunk őrültek!”


MundoSteampunk.Net, Multicultural Steampunk

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: The Steampunk Chronicles

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Stefan Holzhauer’s interview

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Cap.1 – Familia Stubbington

Melanie Karsak, Pick Up Sticks and Cultural Connections

Steamed, “Place Based” Inspiration

Engranajes Vapor y Lamparas de Gas, ENTREVISTA A JOSUÉ RAMOS

Aetherangelegenheiten, Web Series


Traveler’s Steampunk Blog, Non-Euclidean Æthercast #23: Steampunk Hands around the World

Ruffles and Steam, about planned Steampunk events 2014

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Steampunk Hands, Cap.2 – Damas aristócratas

Professor Elemental, Around the World with 800 Steampunks

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Granville Woods – One of America’s Greatest Inventors


Karina Cooper, The Anachronistic Couple

Hawksmoor’s Bazaar, Honouring Community

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: Schwingen aus Stein


The Navigatrix, Interview with Jennie Gyllblad

MundoSteampunk.Net, Running Spanish Events

Nebe plné vzducholodí, týden první (2. – 9. 2. 2014) (The first week)


Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Ju Honisch

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books – Eis und Dampf / Die zerbrochene Puppe

PhantaNews, Inspiration — The Wülfing-Museum

The Steam Engine, I Jornadas Retro-Futuristas

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Steampunk Hands, Cap.3 – Gothic & Steampunk

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Steampunk Hands, Cap.4 – The bearded man

Steampunk Canada, Canadian Steampunks Say Hello


Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Christian Vogt

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books – Joe & Craig – Der doppelte Stalin

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Sean O`Connell

The Navigatrix, Celebrations, Building Steam and Joining Hands across the World

MundoSteampunk.Net, VI – Writers

MundoSteampunk.Net, VII. 50% completed

Steampunk India, East meets West – SteampunkHands Join at Castlefest.

Traveler’s Steampunk Blog, Half way +2

Mercenarios de Dios, Brief History of Mexican Steampunk

The Daily Steampunk, Produkttest: Steampunkschokolade von The Chocolatist

Lisa Walker England, Aurelian Hands Around the World

Vaporiste, Visiting Paris with a Steampunk eye


MundoSteampunk.Net, VIII. Music

The Steam Engine, Videojuego de Rol – ” Torchlight II “

The Anachronic Barcelona Times, Steampunk Hands, Cap.5 – Cabaret Victoria

El Investigador, After 18 days Steampunk Hands Around the World

Steampunk Festival, A look at the Swedish steampunk scene

Druid Life, Steampunk Hands Around the World

Hopeless Maine, Steampunk Hands Around the World

Andreas Dresen, Interim Balance Sheet


Steamzine.CZ, Čeští steampunkoví autoři: Petra Slováková

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Projects: Steamtown

The Steam Engine, The Cog is Dead

My Ethereality, An International Round-Table Discussion


Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors: Carsten Steenbergen

Sepiachord, Steampunk. Music. Steampunk Music.


Nebe plné vzducholodí, Steampunk multikulturní

MundoSteampunk.Net, IX. Jewellery

Steamed!, “Place Based” Inspiration too!

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: Æthermagie


Mercenarios de Dios, Los autos también son Steampunk

The Navigatrix, Interview with Abigail of Wiserabbit

NeoNauta Ediciones, Charla con Kevin Steil – Airship Ambassador

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors: Susanne Gerdom


Khaalidah, What We Already Know About Steampunk

S.J. Chambers, Steampunk and Travel

Lynne Lumsden Green, Steampunk Fashions for Mature Gentlewomen

Jay Noel, It Aint Just About Victorian England Anymore

Mercenarios de Dios, San Luis Potosí Steampunk

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: Phoenix – daughter of ash


MundoSteampunk.Net, X. Steampunks around the world

The Steam Engine, ” El Enigma del Cuervo” ( The Raven – 2012)

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Authors – Ann-Kathrin Karschnick

The Navigatrix, Interview with Michelle of Steelhip Design

Steamzine.CZ, Čeští steampunkoví autoři: Daniel Tučka


Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: Agnosia

Andreas Dresen, German Steampunk Books: Excerpt Agnosia

MundoSteampunk.Net, XI. Duendelirium

Ucronias, Interview with Félix Lobotomy (english version)

Ucronias, Interview with Nané Wapash

Ucronias, Interview with Nané Wapash (english version)

Thadeus Tinker, Steampunk Hands Around the World


Ucronias, Interview with Arcana (english version)

Mercenarios de Dios, Pictures from Steampunk Uruguay

The Steam Engine, Entrevistamos a Concepción Perea

Evil Kraken, trailer for Ætherangelegenheiten (Æther Affairs)


James Ng, Steampunk Hands Around the World

Traveler’s Steampunk Blog, The final day of Steampunk Hands around the World

Vaporiste !, Steampunk in Belgium

Steampunk India, Exit Thoughts on Steampunk Hands Around the World.

Cabaret de Medianoche, Emisión #82: Edición especial “Steampunk Hands Around The World”

MundoSteampunk.Net, XII. Parting Glass

Steampunk Italia, Intervista alla band Steampunk “Lies of the machine”


Airship Ambassador, Wrapping Up


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Steampunk Hands Around the World – Welcome

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_RodríguezImage courtesy of Araceli Rodriquez

Welcome to Steampunk Hands Around the World, a month long celebration of the global steampunk community, presented by nearly one hundred steampunk creators from around the world.

Our community is an energetic force of creativity, education, and aspiration, which deserves to be expressed, shared, and valued by each and every one of us, every day.

Our friends and compatriots, known and not-yet-met, create the stories we read, make the fashions and accessories we wear, perform the music we hear, and construct the art we see.

 steampunk_hands_Stefan HolzhauerImage courtesy of Stefan Holzhauer

All of this, together, creates the experiences and inspirations we enjoy together. This grand collaboration makes our steam-nation possible, not just to exist but to thrive. Steampunk and our community is our playground. It is our classroom. It is our workshop.

There are those few steampunks whose sphere of community encompasses only their country, or region, or city, or even just themselves, to the active exclusion of everything else. And that’s fine for them. That is their self-imposed boundaries for their expression and enjoyment of steampunk.

For the rest of us, however, steampunk, and our community, is global, and there is a cornucopia, an embarrassment of riches, everywhere we look. In our local groups, regional conventions, and the online world, we find a seemingly limitless fount of toys to play with, knowledge to gain, and “what-ifs” to make. From the most mundane of household items to the sparkliest bit of shiny, and from history to philosophy, steampunks morph it into something new, interesting, and relevant.

 steampunk_hands_El_investigadorImage courtesy of El Investigador

Tying all of this together, the common element in these transmutations, are people. Each one of us, in some small way, contribute to all of this happening. And it doesn’t just happen to us as individuals, or just to our local steampunk group, or even just at the largest coastal conventions – this happens around the world in our global steampunk family.

As a family, it means there are the crazy aunts and uncles, the siblings we look up to, and the ones who look up to us. There are the crotchety ones who shout at us to get off their gears, and the dreamers whose airships never land. In every factor and label one can think of, there we are, and because of steampunk, we are all connected, everywhere, always.

With today’s technology, distance and language are not barriers nor obstacles to our connections with one another. We can talk with someone literally on the other side of the world, instantly and clearly, and not just be part of their life, but also part of their world.

steampunk_hands_raydeen1Image courtesy of

It is that unity, that friendship, that was the inspiration for this project, Steampunk Hands Around the World. It is the celebration of friendship that made a very tiny idea grow into something amazing. It is our connection, and our common beliefs, which made an idea become a tangible reality.

The idea for this project started as a sliver of thought during an email exchange with a friend in Spain. As I thought about other steampunk friends in other countries, a vague whisp of an idea came to mind, something to share the enthusiasm I felt about other groups and projects and people all around the world with everyone that would listen. I wanted everyone to be excited about the fantastic people and events everywhere.

From that tiniest, vaguest, of ideas, I thought maybe five other bloggers would join in, ten tops. But that idea of celebrating the global steampunk community caught on quickly from a handful of friends to nearly 100 steampunk creators who will share their perspective and passion this month.

Steampunk_Hands_raydeenImage courtesy of

February is also the first monthly challenge from Eric Larson, aka Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins, of Teslacon, for each of us to bring just two people to a steampunk event. This wasn’t a challenge to convention guests to bring more people to the next one (There wouldn’t be room!). This was an encouragement to share our own individual enjoyment of steampunk with others, to bring other people into our community. This idea, called by some The Bobbins Initiative, wasn’t just for that initial audience, nor subsequent readers, nor just for the United States; it was meant for each and every one of us, everywhere in the world.

For the next four weeks, you (and your two friends) are cordially invited to a trip around the world, hosted by writers, artists, musicians, and more, to see the wonders from your fellow steampunks. A translation service, such as Google, will be one of the best tools in your travel bag. Language will not be a barrier in communication among us.

One additional encouragement for you during our travels together this month – reach out to others and at least say “hello”, or “thank you”, or even “How did you …” There are new and unexpected friends waiting to be met through every conversation, link and picture. Don’t be shy – they are fellow steampunks, they are family.

Start, and follow, the official journey around the world in this post, updated daily.

Xpike_Global_SteampunkImage courtesy of Mr. Xpk

steampunk_hans_tom_brownImage courtesy of Tom Brown

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