The Bobbins Initiative

Following is a message from Eric Larson of Teslacon, aka Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins.

Join in and bring your family and friends to a steampunk event this month!


Hello and Welcome to the Bobbins Initiative…

I am kicking off what I started on November 2nd. This last year at TeslaCon I asked all the fans in attendance to make February and June Steampunk introduction months. Starting now by bringing (1) friend to a meeting, an activity, show or convention and introducing them to the world of Steampunk. This could be a co-worker or someone who has shown an interest in the fandom. It doesn’t matter as long as they want to learn more.

Then come June, you and your new Steam friend bring (two) more friends along to the same type of activities you did in February. In other words, we grow our own fandom one by one, not by the use of multi-media or Hollywood films. We grow organically and have fun meeting people while we do it.

You can do it every month really, the idea is to start showing people how much fun we have and all the things they can become part of in the greater world of Steampunk.

I look forward to hearing your stories and hope for many happy friendships to come.

Lord Bobbins


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