Steampunk Fashions for Mature Gentlewomen

By Lynne Lumsden Green

One of the great pleasures for me, as a Steampunk Enthusiast, is that Steampunk cosplay seems to attract people of every age. Personally, I would rather not be mutton dressed in Lolita cosplay, and I am a little too old to be a ‘Magic Girl’, but the Steampunk Aesthetic suits – nay, embraces – every age group from tiny babies to the Grey Foxes and Vixens. I can look forward to being eighty, ninety, or even a hundred, and still being able to find Steampunk fashions suitable for me.

lynne_greenPortrait by James Niland

So, what looks can be adapted for a middle-aged woman who likes to cosplay in the Steampunk Aesthetic? Steampunk clothing is based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing. This covers a lot of styles and era, and it makes it easier to find a look that flatters both your body shape and your colouring. Best of all, if you don’t like to be femme, you can always adapt masculine Victorian clothing into a Steampunk outfit; I like to dress as a Mad Scientist in trews, because a skirt & high heels would make it difficult to run away fast enough from an experiment fizzing and about to explode. I’m still a female Scientist … but I am eccentric and all, you know.

You can go completely nuts once you have picked your look. Your hat, bustle, boots, corset, belts, and handbag can all be hiding gadgets. You go wild with the colours, as all the new dyes were being discovered in the Victorian ever!

My only major drawback is that I live in a sub-tropical climate. This means I can’t go ‘all out’ in the hottest seasons of the year, and it never snows wear I live so I can’t get too enthusiastic with my winter fashions. This is where I get inspiration from other Steampunk communities from around the world. My community isn’t the only Steampunk community with this problem, and so I get very excited when I see the cosplay from other tropical and sub-tropical Steampunk communities.

I look forward to the day when I can visit these communities rather than just admire them online.


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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2014 – One Week Left

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_Rodríguezby Araceli Rodriguez

Wow, what a journey it has been the last three weeks!

We’re into the final week of this month long celebration of the global steampunk community and all it has to offer. Hopefully, you’ve been able to follow along and enjoy the official posts so far.

There has been a lot of feedback posted around the web and it sounds like everyone has learned at least one new thing, be it fashion, history, or people, and it is my fervent wish that everyone has made the most of this month to reach out and meet at least one new person somewhere in the world, as well as to bring two people to a steampunk event.

Still plenty to come this week – keep checking the Official Link List right here on Airship Ambassador.

What has your experience been so far this month? Please share your comments below.

Thanks again for all of your continued support!

Steampunk_Hands_raydeenby Ray Deen

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