Interview with Photographer Antti Karppinen, Part 2

Welcome back for the conclusion in our chat with Antti Karppinen, an internationally awarded commercial photographer, digital artist, and retoucher from Finland.

Read Part One here.


Airship Ambasador: What differences are there in shooting on various sized budgets? What freedoms and limitations are there?

Antti Karppinen: For this shoot we had a limited budget, basically our budget was our time. It’s great that regardless of the budget we managed to pull off world class images! When shooting big commercial campaigns there is always lots of people in the shoot, I would have an assistant with the lights, hair and makeup would be done by professionals and usually there would be an AD or some other creative checking that we will get the necessary images. So the biggest difference is usually the amount of people there are in the shoot, wanting to get involved. This time it was three of us, having a blast.


AA: What was the actual photo shoot like?

AK: I think that the photoshoot was pretty much a perfect day out with good friends. We had so much fun going around the house. Lots of laughs and jawdropping scenery!


AA: In setting up a shot, what are the key elements that you are looking for?

AK: With my images the light and the composition is the key, I need to previsualize the images in my head and try to create that atmosphere in to images, find a suiting location, pose the model the way I want etc. I know the things that I will be able to correct or add in post production, so I don’t mind all the smallest details if the feeling is right. I just need good light, environment and a perfect composition of the elements.


AA: What challenges came up during the project? Any interesting behind the scenes stories to share?

AK: Only challenge I had was the thing that there was just too much “visual candy” everywhere, so I got sometimes a bit distracted by the environment 😀


AA: Maunsel House is amazing. What can you share about it and having the run of the place for the whole day?

AK: The house was just amazing. I’ve seen quite a bit, but nothing like that. Having an opportunity to have that kind of place for us for a whole day was just something. All the thanks goes to the wonderful staff of Maunsel House for letting us to make these images there. I’m sure I will go back there some day!


AA: What are some reactions to Steampunk Friends for Life which you’ve heard about from the steampunk community and outside of it?

AK: I think the Steampunk community liked the images, liked the style and the details in them. But I think the story is the reason I made this case. I hope it will make people get up from their asses and contact new people. Networking is the key with my profession and I just love meeting new people and you never know what opportunities it will bring.


AA: What kind of attention has this generated? Any new opportunities because of it?

AK: I already knew that if I will be able to pull out the images I’ve previsualized in my head, we should get a bit of attention. I knew that the story is genuine and inspiring and the images would be memorable. People responded to the images and also the story really well. There is definitely lots of ripple effects coming out of this project.


AA: Can people look forward to another steampunk photo shoot from you? Soon?

AK: I’m sure I will do more steampunk! This week I will be at the Cardiff Film & Comic con festival, so maybe I catch couple of Steampunk people there!


AA: Are there people you consider an inspiration, role model, or other motivating influence?

AK: I love creative people, I love talking with them. I love the style of certain photographers and digital artists but mostly I will try to get my inspiration from everything that is going on around me.


AA: What event or situation has had the most positive impact in your life? What has been your greatest challenge?

AK: I think there have been many positive changes in my life, but one big challenge I had to overcome was to stop being afraid of being successful. It takes lots of courage to say out loud that you are good at something. Losing the shame and just sharing everything you know with other people helps you to be also successful. I think if you don’t value your own work how could others do the same?


AA: Three quick fire, random questions what is your favorite mustard, gem stone, and type of celebration?

AK: Turun sinappi red (Finnish mustard), Sapphire, Christmas 😀


AA: Any final thoughts to share with our readers

AK: Well .. I will leave you with my hashtag motto #sharingiscaring


Thanks, Antti, for joining us for this interview and for sharing all of your thoughts. We look forward to

hearing about your next projects!

Keep up to date with Antti Karppinen’s latest news on his website.


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