Steampunk Hands 2015 – Wrap up


As the gears spin and the clocks chime, Steampunk Hands 2015 draws to a close.

It has been another exciting event, learning new things from communities around the world, and getting to see how other steampunks have fun, learn and create wherever they are.

We got to see how projects and friendships developed from last year’s event. There are new books out this year as a cross-country and cross-language effort. Steampunk continues to advance and be part of more and more areas of people’s lives and in mainstream efforts.


Our enjoyment of steampunk and its many expressions also keep growing. Conventions keep happening around the world, and when one falls away, another pops up. There are more books and stories being published, from the major publishers as well as from an ever growing legion of independent and self publishers. There’s new music, new TV shows, new web series, new games, and always without fail, new fashions.

We have a great deal of fun in our community, and we also learn new things without even trying. This month we got to learn about topics ranging from photo shoots to circus acts, with plenty in between.

All of this was possible due to the content creators from around the world, whom I thank deeply for their participation, and I thank all you readers, who have followed the daily updates, and who will read along once the month is over – your continued support for everyone and the community as a whole is greatly appreciated and most flattering.


As we continue along for the next year, creating and enjoying steampunk in so many ways, I want to leave you with my parting words from Steampunk Invasion, September 2014:

Do what you do

Be who you are

Support each other and the community.


Have a great year, and we’ll see you in February 2016 when we gather together for another month long sharing some of our favorite things!



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