Steampunk Hands 2016 – Favorite People – Josue Ramos

One of my favorite people in the steampunk community is author, organizer, and administrator Josue Ramos of Spain.


Steampunk Hands Around the World was literally created while I was instant messaging with Josue. We were talking about steampunk stuff, events and such, and I thought it was so great that technology enabled us to talk real time, even though we were half a world apart.

It was also inspiring to me that we could brainstorm steampunk ideas, share information, and generally get to know each other and build a friendship. That conversation really drove home the amazing connections we can and do have in our community, and I wanted to share that same feeling with everyone. That idea of sharing and building friendships led directly to Steampunk Hands Around the World.

We first met while he was blogging on MundoSteampunk (Steampunk World) and running The Golden Gear forum which attracted members far beyond the hub in Spain.

Josue is an author of several books, including Ecos de voces lejanas and he was an early organizer of EuroSteamCon Madrid, which was one of the Spanish groups taking part in the multi-group, multi-location EuroSteamCon convention event.

All of that aside, Josue has been upbeat and positive while facing personal challenges, creative and persistent with his goals and projects, and always supportive of other steampunks and their works.

If you are looking for people who help create and shape steampunk and the community, Josue is a great person to follow.

Thank you, Josue, for all of your writings and contributions, for the sharing and support, and especially for your encouragement of other steampunks to pursure their dreams, too.

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My Favorite Things – The Maker Movement

by Dr Brassy Steamington

dr brassy

In a commerce that  has adopted “Intentionally Disposable” goods and “Planned Obsolescence” tech, the Maker Movement is pushing back in revolutionary ways.

Maker’s seem to have the earth’s and humanity’s best interests at heart when you take the time to investigate the people under the top hat.

For all the communities I have been honored to be a part of, the Steampunk Community is -hands down- the one that most embodies the ethics that are the best that humankind has to offer. Kindness, patience, tolerance, generosity, education, diversity, intelligence, innovation and compassion…these are all consistent virtues of the Maker Movement. Add to all that, raw talent, and you have some seriously interesting people.

Makers are pushing back against the mass produced, factory goods that are destined from origin to end up in a landfill (as quickly as possible). Conversely, Makers are fabricating both functional and decorative items to last a lifetime, or two, or three. Makers have embraced the use of natural materials- metal, glass, wood and marble, that will last and be passed down generation to generation.

The foundation of the Steampunk movement is rich in history and the retelling of the world’s greatest Inventor’s life stories. It is also generous with the protection and promotion of old world handcraft vocations. It’s clear to us Makers that we must harvest the last vestiges of these priceless trade skills and pass them on generationally before it’s too late.

The legacy of the Great-Grandfather who was a blacksmith, followed by the Father and then Son, who continued the trade, has been abandoned by the mainstream. We are committed to the resurgence and protection of talent inheritance that was historically shared hand to hand, and by word of mouth.

For someone like me who loves everything about the Maker Lifestyle, it’s impossible to pin down my one favorite thing when I look at how rich and vibrant the World of Makers/Steampunk is. So I will say this, my favorite thing in Steampunk is that there is a place for me, as a woman, a disabled person, a Senior and a Maker.  I am forever grateful and honored to be part of this revolution.


Dr Brassy Steamington

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Steampunk Hands Across The World – The People

By Madeleine Holly-Rosing


What is my favorite thing about steampunk? The people.

My introduction to the steampunk community was at a small convention called Gaslight Gathering in San Diego over three years ago. A lovely woman by the name of Anastasia Hunter took me under her wing and introduced me to this new-fangled world. She was gracious and supportive.

Anastasia Hunter

As I learned more about the community, I happened upon Kevin Steil (that’s you, big guy) and his website the Airship Ambassador. SteamCon was not far off and I decided to go, but I needed help in the clothing department. So I ran down to Clockwork Couture/Geeky Teas in Burbank where Donna Ricci’s expertise and enthusiasm made me look terrific.


That’s when I knew I had to attend Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose. It was there that I met the fabulous Thena MacArthur and the stalwart band of authors who included, but were not limited to, Sharon Cathcart, Anthony Francis, Elizabeth Watasin, Penelope Dreadfulle and Emi Thompson, who made a newbie feel right at home. And I cannot possibly forget the awesome Dr. Brassy Steamington who graced my panels.

dr brassy

And that was my first year on the convention circuit. It only got better the second year. And the third.

I can’t wait to see who I meet this year.


Madeleine Holly-Rosing is the writer/creator of the steampunk comic Boston Metaphysical Society, its companion anthology and the author of Kickstarter For the Independent Creator.

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