Steampunk Hands 2016 – Favorite People – Mike Perschon

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It might be said that Captain Nemo introduced Steampunk Scholar Mike Perschon and I in the earlier days of Mike’s academic research into steampunk for his doctoral dissertation.

Jules Verne‘s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea had been a passionate interest of mine every since I watched Disney’s 1954 film version, as well as reading the book. Mike was giving a panel about Captain Nemo at the first Steamcon convention in 2009 and I was in eager attendance to learn much more about this anti-hero.


Mike was writing his blog, Steampunk Scholar, where he’d relay reviews of the books he was reading for his dissertation, and share some of the ideas that would become the foundation of it.

It was a learning experience for me, reading his blogs and then the final dissertation. He was able to define and describe the literature facet of steampunk in a clear and concise manner. His works engaged others in some lively discussions, and the meeting of multiple perspectives always gave people something to think about afterward.


Mike was invited to speak about steampunk at the 100 Year Starship Symposium in 2015 and was able to share how a steampunk perspective still has a place in the future. He has also been invited to a number of conventions where he delivers great presentations about steampunk.

If you have any academic and intellectual interest about steampunk and how and why it ticks, Mike’s blogs and panels at conventions will only help feed your steampunk addiction.

Thanks, Mike, for the education, the friendship, and the conversations which kept us up until 3am a few too many times.

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