Steampunk Hands 2016 – Boneshaker

While I was at the first Steamcon in 2009, I had a chance to attend a panel by Cherie Priest, along with Liz Gorinsky from TOR, talking about her first steampunk book, Boneshaker.


It sounded intriguing and like it might be a good start on that next wave of steampunk books released by mainstream publishers. It had the hallmarks of potentially good story – alternate history, big machines, airships, strong main character. And zombies. I picked up the book, got Cherie to sign it, and I was not disappointed on any page in reading it.

Taking place in an alternate Seattle, Washington, in a country where the Civil War lasted two decades, I found myself comparing locations in the story to what’s in the city today. Cherie lived in Seattle when she wrote the book and had current and historical information on hand as she created her world.


We follow Briar Wilkes into the now enclosed city, searching for her errant and somewhat rebellious son. It’s a different world inside the walls, allies and foes alike creating some kind of life for themselves. Briar mostly doesn’t care, she’s focused on her son, and while history or people, places and events come to light, there are secrets which some would prefer to stay that way.

If you like a strong steampunk setting, characters, mysteries, and action, you may also enjoy this Hugo-nominated first book in Cherie’s Clockwork Universe.


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  2. I am, in fact, reading Boneshaker right now! The imagery in it is splendid, let alone a rip-roaring plot, so I’ll add my recommendation – well worth the investment!

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