Steampunk Hands 2016 – Night Flight

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_RodríguezSome steampunks are never far from their airships, and as the Airship Ambassador, that is so true for me J

One of the airship images gracing the walls of my living room is Night Flight by Pacific Northwest artist Aimee Stewart.


What first captivates my attention is the contrasting colors – bright yellows against the darker reds and calmer blues. Next is the exposed design work of the gondola, clearly the command center but no less artistic than a steampunk transport would demand. Last, but by no means least, is the captain standing by cargo trucks, ready for the next flight as the ship bellows plumes of steam.

Aside from being seen at conventions, this image was widely seen as the backdrop by millions of viewers of the 2015 GSN reality show Steampunk’d each week as the participants filed in to be judged on their work.

If an airship motif, engaging colors, and a narrative image might be of interest, then Night Flight, and Aimee’s other images, might become a favorite of yours, as well.

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