Interview with Scott Helland, Conclusion

Airship Ambassador: What do you find most rewarding about what you do?

Scott Helland: Sharing music and art with people is what life is all about for me. That connection. Creativity is my religion and I worship daily.


AA: Composing and writing can be a challenge some days. What are some of your methods to stay motivated and creative?

SH: I actually just try and let it flow. I try not to push it. You’ve just got to be real and know that the universe will take care of it, and it always does.


AA: Most of the people I’ve talked with have some type of day job and that being creative is their other job. What has that situation been for you and how has it helped/hindered begin an artist?

SH: I’m a full time musician/artist, I have no other job or means to make a living besides music and drawing. When I moved to NYC in the late `80’s it was very tough to live from playing in bands, so I got temp jobs. I ended up at one for about 7 years. Getting a job was probably one of the worst things I could have done. I worked on music the whole time I was doing it of course, I put out several records during this time but I just feel like it was soul sucking and was a complete fucking waste of time and energy and spirit.

So now Samantha and I feel blessed to be able to do this, it can be tough but we’re grateful we get to do what we love. We’ve worked very hard over the last 15 years.


AA: Do people outside the steampunk, and music communities recognize you for your work? What kind of reactions have you received?

SH: Frenchy and the Punk is very lucky in that we are able to play in a lot of different situations and different venues. We didn’t start in the steampunk community, the steampunks found us. We just do what we do. We’ve gone over at folk festivals, indie rock shows and played with many different styles of bands. I think people pick up on the energy and passion of what we do.


AA: Looking beyond steampunk, music, and working, what other interests fill your time?

SH: Samantha and I follow a lot of the current environmental issues, and basically live our lives with that in mind. As far as what we put in our bodies and in the ground and how we treat other living things. I guess we just try and be good to the earth and all of it’s creatures.


AA: How do those interests influence your work?

SH: It’s symbiotic.


AA: Are there people you consider an inspiration, role model, or other motivating influence?

SH: People who are doing great things to try and help the world be a more kind and compassionate place… everyday folks that just try and bring some love and light into the world.


AA: What event or situation has had the most positive impact in your life? What has been your greatest challenge? 

SH: I think one ‘event’ that happened that was the most challenging was when my dad passed away when I was a 15 year old in high school. It blew my whole world apart. I dove head first into playing punk rock and never looked back. I remember at that age feeling like -whoa, this life can get hard and kick you in the face, you better try and enjoy the little things. Do what it is in your heart to do.- It probably cemented the idea of being a musician for me. Just do what you love, cause life is short.


AA: Three quick fire, random questions – what is your favorite  music of the 1800s, pastry, and flower?

SH: The musical sound that the owls made in Mark Twain’s backyard, blueberry muffins and marigolds.


AA: Any final thoughts to share with our readers

SH: Thanks for the opportunity to answer some questions we always appreciate the exposure and being able to share more with people. I thank each and every person who reads this and supports the creative community at large. Music and art are good for you. Do what you love, love what you do, be good to others and listen to Frenchy and the Punk. ; )


Thanks, Scott, for joining us for this interview and for sharing all of your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing about your next projects!


Until then, keep up to date with news on their website.

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