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By Paul Alborough


Everyone else, read on…

I don’t usually weight in with things like this, but I can’t resist on this occasion. After the internet based kerfluffle regarding Abney Park, BB Black Dog whoever else- I was fascinated to watch Steampunk get it’s knickers in a twist yesterday (no easy task when those knickers likely made out of brass plates and cogs).

I feel it’s only right to say that I don’t think Robert Brown was laying into the music of Dale Rowles and the like- In his defence, I saw he was more aiming to create a distinction between the vintage sound of some bands, compared to other groups who go their own path. Robert is a really nice bloke by the way, (he gave me loads of advice when I was starting out as the Prof) so don’t have a go at him personally. Yes, he has a reasonably large ego, but then again, so do I- and anyone else who fronts a massive rock band should have. Dont get too upset if he is outspoken, I don’t want my musicians to be shy and retitiring, I want them to shout loudly about things. Even when they might be wrong. A bit of hearty debate is totally healthy for Steampunk says I.

Of course, one could equally argue that it’s not the influence of vintage music or even subject matter that creates a Steampunk band. I’d argue that I couldn’t give a toss if you are singing about Steamships and Victorian frocks, so long as your attitude is right and you have a connection to Steampunk, however tenuous. it was Dale‘s band who stepped up and organised an amazing Steampunk event in Wales after a music festival got cancelled and has done loads for this little community including booking the likes of me and encouraging new folks to join the scene. That is, as far as I’m concerned all that Steamy Punks should be about.

Loads of my fave SP bands don’t really have a lot of cogs or a vintage sound: Frenchy and the Punk, Gaslight Troubadors, Mysterious Freakshow, even Nathaniel Johnstone don’t seem that vintage sounding. Who cares? They are all awesome.

I should also say, for the record, that I never set out to make steampunk music. Far from being a purist, I am a chancer who happened upon a comedy character just at the right time and it opened up a world of lovely new friends and amazing artists of all sorts to collaborate with. I don’t have any particular interest in historial Victoriana or creating a vintage sound. I don’t really listen to much Steampunk music or live in a house made of cogs (although I dearly love the bands when I get to see them live). I am more interested in telling stories, creating Hip Hop for nerds, making people laugh and ensuring that I can make a living by appearing at parties in a silly hat. Professor elemental and Steampunk in general is a lovely way to do that and long may it continue…

Huge respect to anyone putting on events, making stuff, volunteering dressing up as Steampunk Boba fett, or making weird music that doesnt really fit in anywhere else. Steampunk is where you belong and you are totally welcome.

Right. That’s enough of that. I’ll pop the kettle on. Who fancies a cuppa?

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