Join the Airship Ambassador Steampunk Reference Rolodex

Hello steampunks and friends!

Almost daily, I receive requests from people, events, and organizations looking for information about steampunk. It might be a public speaker who wants to use an example of steampunk in their next seminar, an event looking for general steampunk themes and ideas, or an entertainment production company who wants to brainstorm.

Often, the conversation gets around to recommendations, usually for people with skills and talent. Which bands might be available for an event, who can make a needed outfit or prop, who would be a good panelist for <topic>? I’m always happy to share what I know.

Antigravity Clock by Rafa Maya

Anti Gravity Clock by Rafa Maya

Every one of us has similar conversations in our daily lives when people ask us for input about something. What are some good local restaurants? Who does your <hair, babysitting, car maintenance, etc>? Who is hiring?

The answer we give to those questions is based on what and who we know. It might be personal experience, or surfing the internet, or some random social media recommendation that we came across.


Blue Legion by Mark Jason Page

The answers I give to people asking me questions are pretty much answered the same way – who and what do I already know. In my office, I can turn around to peruse three bookshelves crammed full of steampunk books. There are literal and figurative stacks of music CDs and mp3 files. I finally had to create a spreadsheet “rolodex” to track all the event organizers, bloggers, and other content creators.

However, the information I currently have is just a gear or two in the great steampunk machine. There are so many more of YOU – artists, makers, designers, speakers, and other creative people – out there who I don’t know about, and wish I did.


Airship Ambassador card in the Twisted Skies card game

If you would like to be part of my reference rolodex, please drop me a note – – with your name, web link(s), and share what you do. The next time I get a request, you might be the perfect recommendation they are looking for.

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_Rodríguez

Logo by Araceli Rodriguez

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  1. You got me in your Rolodex right? 🙂

    Cogs, Quills, Hugs & Kills, Ave


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