Interview with Ingimar Oddsson of Steampunk Iceland, Conclusion

Welcome back for the conclusion in our visit with Ingimar Oddsson, organizer of the Steampunk Festival in Iceland.

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Airship Ambassador: How might someone prepare for the next event?

Ingimar Oddsson:  When the event will be published, it is best to get the Passport first. There are not so many left.

Icelandair allows two bags so if you have goods to sell at the marked, do so. Find accommodation close to the center and you will be alright. Getting there is easy, rent a car or take a bus. Probably there will be a ferry crossing the sounds next summer. From Reykjavik harbour to Akranes.

Wear clothes, steampunk clothes.


Photo by Melkorka Oskarsdottir

AA: Flying direct from Seattle to Reykjavik costs about the same, or less, as flying to many domestic destinations. What should a first time attendee know about the convention, and what shouldn’t they miss?

IO:  The activities during the afternoon (Saturday) are always the most fun, everyone can participate.


AA: What are some similarities and differences that you see amongst steampunks in the various places you’ve been?

IO: Where there are many people they are also different amongst themselves. I like it when people are creative and make their own wardrobe, but it is also all right to buy your style from Alibaba or other places.


AA: What other steampunk things are you involved with?

IO: I write novels and make music. I am not so much of a craftsman but I like Steaming my things now and again. I wish I had time for more 🙂


AA: Looking beyond steampunk and this festival, what other interests fill your time?

IO: Communication of all kind fascinates me as a subject. I like hiking and being on sea.


Photo by Sandra Dogg

AA: How do those interests influence your work?

IO: Id can all be combined into one. Steampunk, communicating and travel.


AA: There’s only so much time in a day – what interests don’t you have time for?

IO: Politics, history and classical music. I wish I had more time for that.


AA: What other fandoms are you part of?

IO: I think none …


AA: I’m sure our readers can help you discover new things to participate in 🙂  What is on your to-be read -watched-listened pile right now?

IO: Seven novels by Jules Verne.


AA: Are there people you consider an inspiration, role model, or other motivating influence?

IO: Well I think all people are in a sense. I don’t really idolize anyone but various artists motivate me in my work with theirs. Steampunk mostly.


AA: What event or situation has had the most positive impact in your life? What has been your greatest challenge?

IO: I think when I moved to Bildudalur was the most positive move I ever made and probably the greatest challenge at the same time.


Steamposium 2015 by MK Studios

AA: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

IO: “Let go” Sometimes you just have to.


AA: Isn’t that the truth?! Three quick-fire random questions – what is your favorite food when you visit the US, Icelandic candy, and type of vacation location?

IO: Good hamburger, black licorice  … I always wanted to go to Mauritius Island


AA: When you do interviews, what is something that you wish you were asked about but haven’t been?

IO: I can’t really think of anything right now … It really is food for thought. Do I really have something to say?


AA: I’m sure you do, so I’ll check back in with you again 🙂  Any final thoughts to share with our readers?

IO: You must be quite a reader. Thank you for giving me the time. Hope to meet you at Steampunk Iceland festival next year. Thank you Ambassador.


Thanks, Ingimar, for joining us for this interview and for sharing all of your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing about the Steampunk Festival 2017!


Keep up to date with the latest news about the Steampunk Festival in Iceland on their website, and about Ingimar on Facebook, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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