Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Self Expression


Image Courtesy of Mr. XPK


One of the many great things about steampunk is the opportunity for self expression. Be it our outfits, writing, art, music, or something else, there is space in the steampunk community for each of us to share both our vision and who we are.

The global community is wide open for people to let their creative voices ring out, online and in person. From blogs and forums to conventions and coffee houses, each of us can find the right venue for sharing our creations.

Being a generally friendly bunch, our community encourages us not to just attend, not just  follow, but to engage – with others and ourselves.

Within such a supportive arena, each of us can determine the kind of person we are and who we want to be. The clothes we wear lends visual imagery and reinforcement of our traits and characteristics. Elegant evening wear or highway rogue? Period design and treatments, or modern colors and fabrics? Formal or whimsical? Each choice, and we certainly aren’t selected to only one, is a glimpse into ourselves at that moment.

Others express their inner thoughts easier in writing. Regular blogs, articles, poems and other forms of literature, all relay messages out to the community, resonating with receptive readers .

Art, music, dance – all of these enable people to add another dimension to who they are and what others can see of them. it’s one more way to reach out and make connections.

Every day we face limitations on showing and sharing our true and complete selves. Illegal actions and behaviors aside, LOL, there are social conventions to follow, professional and sometimes impersonal standards at work, along with internal and external message of how we should act, what we should be doing, and what others expect of us to suit their needs, not ours.

In our community, illegal actions mostly put aside, each of us has a chance to shine unfettered, to share our heart’s songs and be completely true to ourselves.

In what ways do you get to express yourself more fully through steampunk than you might in other areas of your life?

Follow along each day as new entries are added to the Official Link List and join the discussions on the Facebook event page.

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