Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Collaboration


Image Courtesy of Mr. XPK


The steampunk community has so many options to come together. Certainly, we meet in person at conventions and smaller events. We talk online in forums and social media. We see pictures and artwork and read reviews and stories.

It’s no wonder, then, that our community is a place for collaboration, creating something new together which individuals couldn’t accomplish alone.


Artists have collaborated with authors to create book covers.

Jewelers and fashion designers have worked with models and photographers to build each other’s portfolios.

Authors have come together to create anthologies.

Artists have come together to create all new exhibitions.

Travelers come together to make convention road trips possible.


Each time, someone has a vision of something to create, and they set out to find others who can help and support that goal. It does take recognizing, and sometimes a difficult admission, that we can’t do everything on our own. Past that, however, steampunk creativity knows no bounds, and we have no limits without imagination.

How have you collaborated with another steampunk? What have you created together?


Follow along each day as new entries are added to the Official Link List and join the discussions on the Facebook event page.

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  2. I’m currently coordinating a Steampunk novel called Army of Brass with the Collaborative Writing Challenge, and we can always find places to add new writers! (

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