Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Art

shaw-2017-xpkImage Courtesy of Mr. XPK

Steampunk artwork. I hardly know where to begin in talking about how artwork has made my life better. Let’s just say that before I dove deeply into steampunk, the only artwork on the walls were family pictures. Nothing wrong with that, but not enough to fill a room, or even a wall.

Now, however, I’ve run out of wall space and have to rotate what’s on display. I may have, um, gotten carried away, somewhat.

Why do we get artwork, though? For me at least, a piece captures my attention, perhaps my imagination. It says something to me, maybe a message within the work, or one I project onto it. Maybe it sparks new ideas of stories, people, and worlds. Sometimes, it’s just something beautiful to look at, and be reminded that there are other beautiful things in this world.


At the very least, when I look at the artwork on my walls and the plethora online, I’m amazed at the creativity of people, the dreams and visions they bring to life, and it all makes me smile. That alone makes my life better.

Nearly ten years ago, steampunk art was relatively new. These days, there is an abundance of riches for everyone, from sketches and digital drawings to photographs and videos to sculptures and displays. Regardless of what you like and don’t, there’s something out there in the community for you. Do a web search of steampunk art and at least thousands of images will be returned.


Where to start, though? It all depends on what you like. As the cliché says, you’ll know it when you see it.


Some art work was in the background of the tv show Steampunk’d in 2015, including that by James Ng, Mark Page, and Aimee Stewart.


Bruce Rosenbaum‘s work has been featured on exhibits.


Art Donovan‘s lamps are artwork in action. I need his lamps in my home. I even have a place picked out for the Siddhartha Lamp.


Joey Marsocci‘s work is on display in Las Vegas


Tyler Edlin‘s work caught my eye and graces my living room walls.


Sara Neathery‘s work is dazzling.


What artwork do you like? How has it made your life better?


Follow along each day as new entries are added to the Official Link List and join the discussions on the Facebook event page.


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  2. You featured some nice art in this post!

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