Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Creativity

shaw-2017-xpk-2Image Courtesy of Mr. XPK

Creativity is at the very foundation for everything we create in our steampunk community. Every one of us uses our imagination to create a world(s), to embody new characters, to build props and accessories and to share our stories.

Creativity is that single word which sums up what happens when we think of new things, different options, and alternate perspectives. We see things in new ways and combinations, and we can’t go backwards to restrictive thinking.

Creativity makes out lives better because it open opportunities to ponder ‘what if’ and then to see where it leads. it helps us see things which others do not, and enables us to do that which others may not consider.

In the regular world, creativity has brought us Romeo and Juliet, Mona Lisa, and the works of Amadeus Mozart. Creative thought has brought us scientific advancements, more television than a person could watch in their entire lives, and some of the funniest cat videos, anywhere.

In our community, that same spirit of creativity gives us awesome fashions to help us express more fully who we are and want to be. It brings us stories to read, and music to dance to.

That creative energy is infectious, too. One person inspires another, who inspires another. We can be amazed, entranced, and thoroughly motivated. It can push us to learn new skills, try new activities, and if nothing else, meet new people.

All of that creative not only brings wondrous things into our lives, it brings new friends.

Don’t hide your creativity! It may lead you on an outstanding adventure!


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