Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Fashion


Image Courtesy of Mr. XPK

Crisp lines, smooth silhouettes, a flash of jewelry. Magazines and media of today are filled with images of current fashions trends. Shows in Paris and Milan show what the cutting edge trends could be. Hollywood red carpet walks reveal the designer picks of the season.

With steampunk, everything old is new again, and our fashions are almost always eye-catching. Classic lines. Bold silhouettes. Stunning accessories. Our steampunk fashions harken back to looks from the 1800s, with various modern updates and twists. It’s anachronistic compared to today’s mostly casual attire, but comments are often positive and praising. Looking one’s best can garner admiration, respect, and better customer service. I’ve gotten compliments from non-steampunks in the elevator and in the middle of the mall. People request my outfits when I officiate their wedding. Best of all, I feel really comfortable with what I wear.kevin-steampunk-26b

Steampunk fashion has made my life better because I dress better, make more of an effort to look well-kept, and care about the image I project of who I am. Wearing these outfits apparently makes be stand straight with better posture, and while purely subjective, it seems like when I wear a waistcoat on any airline, I’m treated just a bit nicer by everyone (even the TSA).steamcon-2-diana-1

The old saying, “Clothes make the man” might be more accurately stated as “Clothes make the perception of a person”. People who don’t us will apply their judgments and appraisals of us in the heartbeat of a glance. The first impression and their decision how to react/respond to us happens probably before they even realize it. Labels get applied generously and easily.Nova-Jha-1

What might your fashion image say to others? Confident or cocky? Debonair or dandy? Stylish or trendsetting? Free-spirited or just free-wheeling?teslacon2016-lisa-kevin-by-ed-downes

More importantly, what do your fashion choices say to you? How do you feel about yourself in your favorite outfit? Is it like a second skin? Do you ‘own’ your look without doubt or reservation? Are you ready to be flattered by other people’s compliments, and dismiss any jealous criticism?pip-tee-MIGeekScene

How has steampunk fashions made your life better?


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