Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Perspective

shaw-2017-xpkImage Courtesy of Mr. XPK

A peek through a keyhole. Glimpses through the leaves of a tree.  Shadows on a wall. Perspective can be a bit like seeing the world like each of those – narrow, incomplete, and sometimes lacking context. Through our daily experiences, we have the opportunity to expand the field of view for our perspective on things around us.

Steampunk makes our lives better by expanding our perception of “what is” by more rapidly exploring “what could be.”

Steampunk makes us think, and consider alternatives. We learn that there are more options to things than its original purpose. We discover there really are more similarities than differences between us. Sometimes, the many tiny observations we’ve made come together like a puzzle or an un-shattering mirror, and our perceptive gaze is suddenly and irrevocably opened wide.

Our DIY props and accessories take old things, which some see as junk, and give them renewed, if altered, purpose. How often has something caught our eye and we’ve remarked, “I never thought of it that way before”? How often after that have we looked at every day common items and then thought, “That looks like a …” ?

The same thing happens as we meet people with different experiences, backgrounds, and expressions than ours. Maybe we are enticed to try something new, or simply live vicariously through others. Some realize there are steps too far to take, for now. Others get a hint of just how very incomprehensively different life experiences can be, and greet those snapshot views with reactions ranging from anxiety to exuberance, rejection to adoption, aversion to attraction.

Each of those expands our knowledge of what is possible in the world, if we choose to acknowledge it or not. We may not always want to peer into the dark corners, and there are plenty of things to see in the light.

As our perspective broadens, hopefully so too does our understanding, sympathy, and compassion. As we see how the world works, somewhat more clearly, we can be genuinely happy for others without being jealous, more giving without seeking acknowledgement, and supportive without judgment.

Our perspective is not only outwards to the world, but inwards into who we are. We begin to perceive better the hows and whys of our own lives and behaviors. Knowing those things, our expanded comprehension can only help us build more and better connections with others.

How has your own perspective on life and living changed through steampunk?


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