Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Stories

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Technological marvels on tap. Equality as the norm. The fantastical made plausible. These are just some of the facets of our steampunk stories.

From alternate histories to fully alternate worlds, our steampunk stories make our lives better by not only providing engaging characters and ideas, but also by challenging our preconceptions and exploring what could be in our lives today.

There are now thousands of steampunk books available to readers, some good, some great, some are guilty pleasures. Locations have long since left London and the American Wild West behind. Jobs and roles are defined by skill and ability, not gender or class. The fight for what is just and equal goes on, and the value and impact of the individual prevails.

These stories, like so many others, may provide a break or an escape from our daily lives, or jog our own creativity. They give us glimpses into other lives, and address familiar and new challenges. We may try to guess what comes next, or just enjoy the journey. We may also take to heart and mind how the characters overcome their obstacles, and in that, we may find inspiration for our own path.

We see out to other realities, and can look inward to our own. The author may put into words we didnn’t have to express our own thoughts and feelings.

We may aspire to be more like a character in some way, and adopt traits and behaviors in our daily actions. Our broader view may examine the obstacles in society and cultures, and provide some seed how we as individuals may work toward a better solution today.

Our stories let us run and play, and think and tinker. We are entertained and engaged. Ideas are explored, and perceptions may be expanded. With each “Finis” it is likely we are not quite the same as when we started.

How have steampunk stories impacted your life? Have there been any changes, large or small? How many “What if” ideas came to mind after reading? How has reading helped you?

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