Steampunk Road Trip – Sociedad Steampunk Argentina

We’re here – Argentina!

Take a look around. This is a big country – the eighth largest country in the world.

Let’s check in on Sociedad Steampunk Argentina, and Florencia Santiago, better known as Morgan, who is one of the ambassadors in the group.

Florencia, how spread out are your group’s members?

Our group is located in Buenos Aires city, but works for steampunks from all the country. 

That’s a big responsibility! How did the group get started?

The group started in 2009, where some people started to find others in different forums around the world and decided to make a little group and meetings in San Telmo town (the most antique part of the city) and visits to museums, presencial acts, etc. At the beginning there were three people, now there are over 6 thousand in the group, but active more like 30. The group has changed over time, people grow up and have their jobs, career, etc, and there’s movement of people. Some come, some leave, but the gear is still active.

That’s pretty amazing growth and nice to hear people are still joining and actively participating. What are some of the events for your group?

In our group we have casual meetings, where we talk about history and share our lives. Also we make the Steamday event but in a different date, mostly when between August and October, when the winter ends and there`s nice weather. We work, too, in Comic and film events, such as Unifans and FantastiCon, one of the most famous event about literature and fandoms in Buenos Aires. There we have a room where we expose our best craft and creations 🙂

What is one highlight within your group?

Personally think our best achievement is the series “Distopia“, made by Martin Cruz and Guillermo Tellechea. Has a mix of steampunk & dieselpunk style, and is the first of his kind in Latinoamerica. You can watch in here

A new web series will be fun to watch on our road trip. Anything you’d like to say to the steampunks following us along on the journey?

They’re always welcome to join in our events, just don’t be shy, just come and talk with us 🙂

For everyone else at a distance, how would they get in touch with you?

Everybody can participate in here, the only we need is their real interest in the community, to know what steampunk is (and not just to glue some gears to something brown) and be good. You can join us in

Thanks for the interview and sorry for my English.

Feel welcome to visit us!

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