Steampunk Road Trip – Gaslight Gathering


As long as we are still in California, let’s a make another quick stop just down the road, and talk with Debbie Hanon about the Gaslight Gathering: Carnival convention.

Hi Debbie! What is it that you do on the convention team?

Debbie: I am the Co-chair. My job is to book entertainment and run the con.

Where will everyone be gathering in the gaslight this year?

Debbie: It will be at the Handlery Hotel San Diego CA

The convention has been around quite some time, as conventions go. How did it get started and how has it changed over time?

Debbie: It was started 8 years ago by CAASM. They are the governing body over the con. With each chair there has been a different focus. Ours is Maker’s.

With a Maker focus this year, what will likely be in the convention programming?

Debbie: We will have lots of items that can be made with instructions. We want to have an immersive events so there will be performers all the time.

Performers are often quite memorable. Any people of note?

Debbie: Doc Phineas is always our host. Last year we had an Abraham Lincoln lookalike come and do the Gettysburg address.

When a steampunk attends for the first time this year, what can they expect to find?

Debbie: Lots of things to experience and learn.

Thanks Debbie!

If you are planning a road trip to San Diego, follow the convention on their Facebook page.

Until our next stop, follow the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List

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