Steampunk Road Trip – Cog County Faire


We’re back in Wisconsin, travelers, speaking with Sarah Lash, resort owner, and convention organizer for Cog County Faire.


Hello, Sarah! Let’s start with the particulars, where and when will the Faire be held this year?

Sarah Lash: Hello! It will be held at the White Lake Beach Resort, Montello WI, on June 1-3 2018.

You’ve been holding this event for awhile now. How did the it get started?

Sarah Lash:The convention started as a Day at the Beach steampunk outing in conjunction with Milwaukee Steam. Since then it has grown every year, but has kept the original feeling of relaxed intimacy of that first year’s cozy gathering.

A Day at the Beach is often fun, in the right weather. Sun, sand, water, games. What are some convention programming activities? Keeping any of the beach themes?

Sarah Lash: Plenty to keep people busy! Friday Night Beach Party, Saturday Night Dance Party, Midway with carnival games, Mermaids, Boat Cruises, Wetplate photography, a Steamboat Regatta, Tea Room, Music, Variety Shows, Swimsuit Competition, Black Powder Shooting Range, Fencing and Dueling lessons, Shopping, and MORE

There’s still more? That already sounds like a full schedule to keep people entertained. Who has attended in previous years?

Sarah Lash: Vorteque, Samantha Siren, Pinch and Squeal, Sons of Temperance…its hard to keep track of all the fabulous people we’ve seen. We’ve seen vow renewals, and whole families of steampunks, young and old.

Lots of great performers in that lineup. What can a first time attendee find when they arrive?

Sarah Lash:A relaxed, intimate event at an idyllic setting. We like to call it accidental immersion. There’s no plot, but you can’t help but get involved in the people around you. It really feels like being at a Victorian Faire…with the flare that only the Steampunk community can bring to things!

Sounds like a great time, and being steampunk, how could it not? Where can travelrs go for news and information?

Sarah Lash:Check out our website,, or the Cog County Facebook page!

Thanks so much, Sarah!

Put on your best outfits, travelers, and head to the Faire!

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