Steampunk Road Trip – Coming Back Home


Well, travelers, we’ve had quite a global road trip this month, but we’ve only begun to see part of what’s going on around the world. There are so many more countries and groups and people yet to visit. While this road trip is drawing to a close, I hope that your own road trips, physical or virtual, will continue and that you get to participate in more aspects of our community around the world.

We may often be limited by time, distance, or finances, among other things, from traveling everywhere we want to go, and attending every event which fuels our interests and imagination, but thanks to several forms of technology, we can still learn and be inspired.

The benefits of road trips aren’t just for the traveler. Hosts get plenty of enjoyment and fulfillment, too. On all sides of a visit, each of us can share and receive, motivate and be motivated. We can be impressed, express our wonder, and spread our excitement.

We’ve had a taste for what exists and happens beyond our own towns and cities. We’ve had doors opened to us, and opportunities presented. There’s still more to explore, but for the moment, we are coming home, bringing our experiences back with us to add to our personal expressions of steampunk.

While you are unpacking from this trip, and settling back into a routine at home, planning your next road trip, I’d like to share these songs from The Greatest Showman. As much as I learn, as much as I experience about steampunk, the people, and everything connected with our community, it’s never enough for me. “Can’t let this moment end. You set off a dream in me.”

The Greatest Showman – Never Enough

Paraphrasing a thought from “From Now On”, “And we will come back home. From now on, what’s waited till tomorrow, starts tonight.” There’s no time like right now to add to our steampunk lives, to create richer experiences, and to energize our dreams.

The Greatest Showman – From Now On



Plan your road trips, and go be amazing this year!


Continuing the inspiration from The Greatest Showman, join us next year for

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2019 – This Is Me


If you might have missed any of our stops, check out the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List


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