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Prepare for arrival, travelers, we’re coming into Buxtehude, Germany! Located on the Este River, this thousand year old town started as a farming colony, advanced to a trading location, and is now a medium growing, visitor friendly city which preserves its heritage and culture while looking to the future. Buxtehude is often called The Friendly Fairy Tale Capital Of The World, due to it’s being the setting of several tales, including “The Hare and the Hedgehog” by the Brothers Grimm. Here’s a short video with a look around town.

Let’s talk now with Michael about the local steampunk event, Aethercircus Steampunk Festival V.

Schöne Grüße, Michael! Can you share with a bit about your event and how it got started?

Michael : We are the steampunk band Drachenflug (listen to their album here), and in 2012 we held the first Aethercircus Steampunk Festival (and the first steampunk convention in Germany) in Fort Grauerort with the help of many of our friends. It was a great time, and great fun, so we did it again in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Last year we tried to find opportunities to make the Aethercircus bigger, easier to attend, and tried to find a way to make our convention more interesting for people who never heard about steampunk, too. We know they will love it, but they just don’t know about it now.

We found Buxtehude, a Hanseatic town next to Hamburg, and made a conceptual presentation in the capital hall.

The Altstadtverein Buxtehude is the local promotion association and was interested in the Steampunk Festival.

Now they hold the festival, and we do the booking, program planning and event management.

Your growth over the years is encouraging, and even more so when the town and shops support you, too. When is the festival being held this year?

Michael : Our Event takes place in the whole inner city of Buxtehude on the 28th an 29th April. Entrance is free on every location of the festival.

What a great location in town! Being free and open to the public will definitely bring in many new visitors. As you’ve moved around a few times, how has the festival changed over time?

Michael : We started in a capital hall of Stade town, then we went to an old Fort, now we are in the inner town of Buxtehude.

In the last year, we had just a little bit of money to work with because we did the festival planning with the money our band earned for our shows, hoping to get it back after the visitors buy their tickets.

It worked really well, but we couldn’t grow into a bigger event due to lack of money, local restrictions and the traffic congestion. In the end, we had to take about 25€ for the tickets.

Now the event is free for everybody and it has become a town festival for everyone.

We are very exited to see what will happen this year.

Money is always a bit of an obstacle in creating events. What’s in the lineup for this year?

Michael : We will have a really big music program, historic steam vehicles, a fashion show, many authors, workshops, and a market.

Today I’m not able to tell you all of the news, but we will start to promote the shows and artists in the next weeks.

I’m looking forward to hear about it! Any highlights from the previous festivals?

Michael : Everything was a highlight! We are very proud about the big Steampunk community starting to grow here after our festival.

You’ve clearly won some people over! Fora first time attendee, what could they expect to find?

Michael : A little old German hanseatic harbor town full of Steampunk action and shows in many different location on sea and land.

It sounds so charming and picturesque! How can people stay up to date?

Michael : On the festival there is an app called “Buxtuell“. Here you can get the information about when and where an event starts on our festival.

Beginning in March, you will get all of the information on Facebook, and the homepage of the Altstadtverein


Thanks so much, Michael!

Here’s a little video of Aethercircus 2016 to keep everyone entertained as they make their road trip plans for this year.

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Steampunk Road Trip – Steampunk Soder

While we are still here in Sweden, let’s pop in to talk with Lykke Banck, who is one of the administrators of the social group Steampunk Soder.

Hej, Lykke! It’s great to catch up with you again. Can you share with fellow travelers where is your group located?

Lykke Banck : Hej! We are located in southern Sweden and there is where the social events are held.

How did the group first come together?

Lykke Banck : We were a bounce of steampunks who wanted to bring steampunk to southern Sweden. Sweden is a big country and a lot of people don’t have the time and opportunity to travel far to get to an event.

It hasn’t changed much but some have gone and new ones have arrived.

That’s certainly the cycle of almost every group. What are some of the eventsyou do together?

Lykke Banck : We are a small group so mostly we meet up for coffee, visiting different conversations and museums, dressed up in our outfits. It’s fun and we get a lot of positive responses from the muggles. 😉

It’s always nice to be appreciated and steampunk are a pretty friendly bunch. What has been among your favorite events?

Lykke Banck : We have as mentioned earlier steam coffee and we have participated in the different conversations. My husband and I had a steampunk wedding a few years ago.

A steampunk wedding can be quite an event in itself, and bound to be great fun! How would Steampunk Soder welcome a newly arrived steampunk?

Lykke Banck : With a big smile. 🙂

Swedes are so friendly! Qhats the best way for travelers to get in touch with you?

Lykke Banck : Become a member of the Steampunk Soder page at Facebook and get all the updates from there.

Head on over to Facebook, everyone!

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Steampunk Road Trip – SilwerSteam


Ahhh, Sweden! Generally east of Norway and west of Finland, Sweden is home to many inland lakes and coastal islands. Being such a long country, south to north, there is a decent variety of temperatures, geography, and vegetation. Before we begin touring, and seeing the Northern Lights, let’s check in with Nicklas and Anna Silwerulv, a husband and wife/creational event team leaders, and organizers of SilwerSteam.


Hej, Nicklas and Anna! The full name of your event is SilwerSteam II – Nordic Steampunk Faire 2018. Where in Sweden will it be held?

Nicklas and Anna: It will be 7-9 September 2018 in Eskilstuna, Sweden, at the site of Northern Europes largest, still functioning, steam engine hall museum. 


How did you get started with the idea for a convention?

Nicklas and Anna: We had the idea of starting a Steampunk Festival in central Scandinavia for a while, when we got the possibility to start a collaboration with Eskilstuna City Museum. The Steam engine hall they have at the site is one of the most beautiful and ”steampunky” locations you can imagine. And, to wet your appetite, yes, the steam engines are still working and will run during the festival! 🙂

This is our second year, so it is yet to be proven how we will change over time, but, SilwerSteam is deffinitley here to stay and evolve with the community!


Those real working steam engine definitely lend to this historic ambiance! What activities are part of your programming?

Nicklas and Anna: We will fill the weekend with workshops and lectures, music, art, larp, craftsmans market, exhibitions, tea duelling, teapot racing, virtual reality experiences, authors, costume contest, steampunk music jam, our own steam pub. Our Saturday night Full Moon party, and much, much more. Want to learn how to run a steam engine from the 19th century? Here’s your chance!!


ou’ve really filled the weekend with plenty of fun things to and keep people busy. What things kept people entertained last year?

Nicklas and Anna: We know we are bragging about this, but the steam engines! 😉 We would also like to highlight the awesome Montague Jacques Fromage/SteampunkFunk Bizzare who was one of the fabulous entertainers at our steam pub, Billy O´Shea, the extraordinary talented author of the Kingdom of Clockwork novels, and Andy Fraser, winner of the European Makers Challenge 2017. There was a great art exhibition from the awesome Jaroslaw Jasnikowski. Also DJ Prohibition, Why Not Theatre Company with their play about Mr. Tesla, the dancers from Circle Tribe and the Peacocks, game designer Anders Blixt, circus performers Sodom & Go´morning, and cosplay virtuoses Henrik Pilerud, Arty Anna and Tokah Cosplay!


Wow! That’s enough to make all of us a bit envious of those who attended last year. If all of us travelers showed up this year, what could they expect to find upon arrival?

Nicklas and Anna: A great event with lots of activities and lots of happenings, but still with a very familiar atmosphere. We expect that all our long away steampunk friends that attend SilwerSteam will feel right at home.

But let us leave the word to one of our guests from America last year;

or take a look at this video from another of our guests;

or peek at these pictures;

As if we need even more encouragement! Right, checking airplane flights, checking hotels, checking… yes, anyway, how do we keep up to date on what’s happening this year?

Nicklas and Anna: So many ways to stay in touch with us!





Clearly some people, ahem, are very enthusiastic and energetic about their convention. Who are we to miss out on it? So, airline flights ….

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