Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Relationships


Image Courtesy of Mr. XPK

Steampunk, our events, and our community are great ways to bring people together. We have a common interest, a creative passion, and ready-made ways to engage in activities with others.

As we come together with others, we form connections, friendships, and relationships. These relationships may be professional, collaborative, or even romantic.

As I’ve talked with people at various conventions and events. I’ve met people who cover all of those forms. Among the most heartwarming is to see families coming together and sharing the experience. They all dress in their steampunk best; they attend panels and activities together; and one of the best things, is how they laugh and have fun together. Parents with newborns, toddlers, tweens, and teens, it is rewarding to see smiles on people’s faces.

Other people have shared how they met at an event, which led to a date, which led to another, and one day, they got married. Steampunk style, of course!

More than a few couples have share with me how steampunk saved their relationship, in one way or another. One couple felt like they were drifting apart, no common interest to hold them together. Another couple talked about how life had become routine, not dull exactly, but not exciting either. Another talked about differing interests and spending time apart.

For each other them, steampunk was part of the solution for their relationships to continue, and sometimes to flourish. Steampunk is not a magic bullet to fix all ails and troubles, but for these people, it was part of the journey forward together.

Some found a common interest to share. Some gained new activities to try and new skills to learn. Some learned that relationships are about sharing and balance, that spending some time apart on separate interests doesn’t mean there is a lack of support.

Steampunk as a hobby and interest isn’t alone in this regard. For those of us already in the community, we see the benefits every day. Steampunk is, or can be, part of our relationships and friendships, and can one more thing which makes our lives better.

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