Steampunk Road Trip – Asylum


Steampunk is truly a global community, with many events, groups, and people participating year round. As we begin this road trip, traveling from city to city, and country to country, my starting point is that land of customary tea, the Industrial Revolution, and the early and oft-cited location of steampunk stories, England.

Let’s check in now with John Naylor, the Festival Director of the longest continually running steampunk event, Weekend at the Asylum.

John, where is Weekend at the Asylum located and when is it held this year?

JN: We celebrate in the City of Lincoln, U.K., and it’s held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend (UK). This year August 23rd-27th.

How did Asylum get started?

JN: It began with a gathering of just 450 steampunks in a single location – The Lawn – a conference centre that was originally a Victorian Lunatic Asylum [Originally called Lincolnshire Lunatic Asylum ] hence our name.

We have now grown to 4500 steampunks for the weekend across a dozen venues in the city with up to 40,000 general visitors on our busiest days.

What will attendees find in the event programming?

JN: With around 300 features over the weekend it is difficult to know where to start. What have been some highlights in previous years?   We have: exhibitions (including the Rowland Emett Exhibition this year), guests, workshops, gaming, shows, discussions, parades, live music, silliness, social features, markets, panels, classes, races and even an international academic conference.

Since this will be our tenth year there are far too many highlights and it would be unfair to choose any in particular.

Sounds like plenty of things to keep everyone busy! As other steampunks plan their own road trip from elsewhere in the world, what could they expect to find when they arrive at Asylum?

JN: An amazing historic city which is literally taken over by steampunks for five days. The medieval streets and squares fill with well dressed participants such that outsiders feel underdressed. There is always far more than you can possibly do but one thing outshines everything else – a warm and friendly welcome from the participants and crew.

Sounds like a great start for any road trip!. Where can people go to follow convention news?

JN: People can visit the Website, or they could join our Facebook group: Welcome to the Asylum

Thanks so much, John!

Alright everyone, plenty to see here! Take your time and have a good look around before we head to our next stop on the road trip.

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