Steampunk Road Trip – European Steam Con


Time to stretch your legs! We’ve arrived at our next destination!

Let’s check in with Marcus and hear a bit about The European Steampunk Convention

Hello Marcus! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Marcus R. Gilman, I am one of the people who came up with the idea for a Europe-wide, decentralized convention and used to be the central coordinator for the events. Right now I am only doing the website and the facebook page (if I can make the time)

Could you explain a bit more about ‘decentralized’?

The convention happens all over Europe on different dates between September and October. Currently, the main events are happening in Portugal and Spain. Most other events (in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the Czech Republic) have either ceased to happen or have been absorbed into other events.

How did a multi-country, multi-date event actually get started?

It literally started during a twitter conversation in 2012. Someone mentioned that what Europe needed, was a big Steampunk convention for all European Steampunks and then we basically said “Let’s do this.”

It changed a great deal. Between 2012 and 2014 (i.e. the first three years), there was tremendous growth with events literally happening in every country between Portugal and Poland.

Especially Spain went absolutely crazy. If I remember correctly, the event in Barcelona in 2013 alone drew in over 3000 visitors (we actually ran out of tickets).

After 2014 it teetered off dramatically. As I said, some events just stopped (the organizers left the scene or the groups organizing it did not want to do it anymore or had a falling out with each other), other events (in Austria and Germany) were absorbed ino other events or changed when the people planning it changed.

Now, European Steampunk Convention Events only happen in Spain and Portugal (that was the case in 2017).

Ha, starting with a simple conversation. Sounds familiar! What is the event programming like?

That changes from year to year, nothing is ever fixed.

Any noteworthy highlights from previous years?

We had authors and photoshoots in previous years but this also changes depending on the location. We also had one amusement park on Mallorca participating.

I recall a web cam or two, and an open chat room in previous years. That was a great way to participate, no matter where anyone was. (By the way, Spain – best parties. Just saying.) What might a traveling steampunk from a far off land encounter when they drop in?

Some surprizes, because everything changes every year.

How might people follow and get in touch?

Best to check here:

Excellent! Several events and celebrations over the course of several weekends!


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