Steampunk Road Trip – Steampunk Chile


Smell that South American coastal breeze – we’re in Chile!

Let’s head inland a bit to talk with Arcana and Nané about Steampunk Chile.


Thanks for welcoming us to your group today. What are your roles in this group?

Arcana and Nané: In the group we do kind of everything, sometimes we write, paint, draw, build, sew, between other activities as helping new members with advice.


Chile is a long, narrow, coastal country. Are you focused in any particular area?

Arcana and Nané: This group is located in Chile, mainly in the country capital, Santiago, but this doesn’t mean that this is the only place we hang out, currently there are a lot of other groups in other regions of Chile.


Good to know there’s more than one group of active steampunks! How did the group first come together?

Arcana and Nané: The group started as a Little community in social media, around the year 2010. We gather in museums and parks, we were like 20 people in total. The major change among the group is the fact that it grew up a lot, at the moment in social media, we are like +5000 members, and in the activities and reunions assist around 50 people as a minimum, we also have been invited to events like ComicCon Chile, Ficosplay, and others.  


Sounds like an active and growing group! What are some of the activities which brings your members together?

Arcana and Nané: We do meetings, picnics, conferences, workshops, photography sessions, artistic presentations and shows (we have members that dance and sing).


Any memorable moments at any of the events?

Arcana and Nané: There are a lot of artists in the group, but the most known in a general level are “Artefactum Vapore“, a musical group which members knew each other in Steampunk Chile. [AA: here’s a YouTube video of their song Victoria] Also, thanks to the growing popularity of the subject, projects as a steampunk version of a Trade Card Game name “Mitos y Leyendas” (myths and legends) were possible. But the most important things are the ties we made, the most participant members feel like a really close family, we still haven’t had a wedding, but we are really close. 


What could a traveling steampunk expect if they stopped by?

Arcana and Nané: We will probably would receive him or her in a picnic, to offer them food, drinks and a relaxed talk. We mostly want to share experiences, tips and ideas.


Food and drink is always a good thing 🙂 How would they get in touch with you?

Arcana and Nané: You can join Steampunk Chile through Facebook, we mostly post there the dates of different meetings and events.


Thanks so much for the hospitality!

Travelers, follow the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List

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