Steampunk Road Trip – Key City Steampunk Festival

All ashore!

We’re visiting the east coast of the United States, stopping in Maryland to chat with Wheeler Stone about his event, Key City Steampunk Festival.


Hello, Wheeler! As the owner/director of the festival, could you share a bit about it, starting with the locations and dates for this year?

Wheeler Stone: Hello! Key City Steampunk Festival is held in Frederick, Maryland, on August 17-19, 2018


How did you come to create this event?

Wheeler Stone:The convention started around the only penny farthing race in the US. We have been going for 3 years and this is the first hotel convention year. It has seen more and more growth every year with amazing musical guests and maker artists.


A Penny Farthing race would be quite something to watch! What else might we find in your schedule of activities?

Wheeler Stone:This year we have an astounding list of makers and artists including Tobias McCurry, Dave Lee, Thomas Wileford, Grimm (aka Tony Marsocci) Doc Stone (myself), and many more.

As well we have the only steampunk RC buildoff and death match.


HA, sounds like Steampunk Thunderdome! What’s one memorable moment from the previous years?

Wheeler Stone:Honestly jumping Tobias with a RC squid while he was dressed in full steampunk drag.   (Alcohol may have been involved)


As more steampunks plan their road trips for this year, what could they expect to find when they arrive in August?

Wheeler Stone:The most fun you can find at a steampunk event with all the best people. Art, writers, and just lots of interesting stuff to buy.


Great! How can people best find you?

Wheeler Stone: Facebook!


Thanks Wheeler! Maybe people will get to follow the shenanigans of that RC squid this year, too!

In the meantime, follow the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List

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