Steampunk Road Trip – Gaslight Steampunk Expo

Gather up your walking shoes, parasols, and sunscreen – we’re landing in sunny California, USA!

Greeting us at the airfield is Anastasia Hunter, who is the Chair, Director of Programming, and Webmaster for Gaslight Steampunk Expo.


Hello, Anastasia! Thanks for meeting us today. Could you share a bit about the people who bring this event to life?

Anastasia Hunter: We are a non-profit 100% volunteer organization who have been hosting steampunk conventions for a number of years. I have personally been very fortunate to work with many fan organized non-profit conventions over the past 20 years and love celebrating fandom in all of its many exciting forms (science fiction, comics, fantasy, costuming, anime, etc.)


That’s a lot of experience behind your convention! Where and when is it being held this year?

Anastasia Hunter: Gaslight Steampunk Expo is located in San Diego, California and lands this October 5-7, 2018 at the Town & Country Resort Hotel. We also have a Day Zero event on Thursday, October 4th for those guests who are traveling into town early.


That’s nice to have a welcoming event for the early birds who like to settle in a bit before the high energy activities. How did this convention get started?

Anastasia Hunter: Gaslight Steampunk Expo was born out of many local steampunks desire to host a 2nd steampunk convention in the fall here in San Diego. Most of my current committee originally volunteered with me while I was Chair of the Gaslight Gathering for three years, but we needed some new blood and a change in the dates as spring is already heavy with steampunk events in the Southwest.


Yes, there are quite a few events in the spring and it’s nice to have options throughout the year. What are some programming highlights that people can look forward to this year?

Anastasia Hunter: This year we look forward to having Tea Pot Racing, Tea Dueling, a wide variety of exciting new workshops and demonstrations, fantastic Maker Room, Vendor Hall, a Saturday Night Ball to a live local vintage jazz band, silent movies with musical accompaniment, a game room, fashion show, and of course, tea! We have the best Hospitality Suite this side of the Mississippi, serving up tea, coffee, sodas, snacks, and hot food free for all of our guests throughout the weekend.


Do you host any notable guests?

Anastasia Hunter: We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of special guests over the years. Our favorites have been Brian Kesinger, Gail Carriger, and Professor Elemental. Each year we have a theme that helps us set the mood for our event. This year we Return to Vulcania as we follow Captain Nemo west across the Pacific Ocean stopping in Hawaii and Polynesia. Adventure awaits! Get ready to get your Tiki-punk on!


HA! Tiki lights on the Nautilus! Well, if a steampunk travel did bring their Tiki ambience with them this year, what could they expect to find?

Anastasia Hunter: A marvelously friendly community of steampunks who love to share their knowledge, talents, and creativity for a spectacularly memorable event that focuses on learning to make your own gear and accessories, with an enthusiastic helping of tea and shenanigans.


Excellent. With Tiki-ware in hand, what are all the ways to follow convention news?

Anastasia Hunter: The best way to get updates would be to visit our website, join our event page on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.


Thanks so much, Anastasia!

Ok, travelers, grab your Tiki items and get ready to head to San Diego, California!

Until then, follow the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List

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