Steampunk Road Trip – Steampunk Sevilla


We are here in Seville, Spain. While we are here, we can stop in to see the Gothic Seville Cathedral, the Alcázar castle complex, and the 18th-century Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring. Perhaps flamenco dancing is something you’d like to try, or perhaps some quieter but tasty tapas tastings? Lonely Planet says this is the #1 city you should visit this year.

We’re here to chat with Santiago Benitez, who administers the local steampunk group, Steampunk Sevilla

Hola, Santiago! Seville is a beautiful and historic city! This would be a great location for steampunk outings.

Santiago Benitez : Thank you! The group is based in Sevilla, Spain, but there are many people from around the world who have recently requested joining.

Personally, it’s been enjoyable and educational to see what the group does and how they express steampunk. How did the group get started?

Santiago Benitez : There were no other Steampunk-based group in the Sevilla area, and I knew for sure we needed a place to meet each other. It hasn’t changed much, as I had to move to Oklahoma and couldn’t do more, but now we are more people around who may want to organize events in that area.

Oklahoma is quite a change from Seville! What does your group do, mostly?

Santiago Benitez : Nowadays, we don’t organize events or activities yet, but I try to inform about the ones that are organized around our city.

All in good time, and members have lots of options for day trips and visits. If a steampunk traveler stopped by and joined an event, what might they find here?

Santiago Benitez : We are very friendly in Sevilla and we welcome everyone as family, so you get the idea.

Warm and friendly is a great way to start any visit! How can people get in touch with you?

Santiago Benitez : Just follow this link:


Alright, Travelers, make sure you stop in to visit Steampunk Sevilla when you are here, and enjoy some churros, a tostada de pringá, or sip a traditional orange wine while you enjoy everyone’s company.

Until our next stop, follow the whole steampunk road trip on the Master Link List

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